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Basic Drilling Fluids School

Course Description:
The course covers the drilling fluids functions, monitoring & testing, basic chemistry and main drilling fluids properties. At the end of the course, participants will understand the principals of using the mud for drilling wells.

Course Goal:
Make the mud engineer familiar with drilling fluids system handling and capable to find the proper treatment of the drilling fluids against mud contaminants.

Course Objective:
Mud Engineer will be able to monitor, test , Mix & prepare drilling fluids with volume calculations and will be able to perform treatment & maintenance of the drilling fluids.

Course Outline:
Functions of drilling fluids, monitoring and testing of drilling fluids.
Basic chemistry, Clay chemistry, Mud contaminant, Polymer fluids.
Rheology, Shear stress-shear rate, hole cleaning, Filtration control. WBM & OBM mud retort analysis, Solid control.


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