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EMEC Tools

EMEC Tools is a user-friendly proprietary software system that can be used both in the office and at the rig site. The software is equipped with a handy unit conversion utility that has oil field, SI and customized unit settings, enabling a wide range of complex and commonly used engineering calculations to be performed for given inputs.


Fluid Engineering & Function

Mud Weight Up
Cut Mud Weight
Solids Analysis (Water-Based & Oil-Based Fluids)
Blending two or more fluids
Oil Water Ratio calculations
Adjust Oil Water Ratio & Salinity
Add a known volume to oil-based mud
Adjust Water Phase Salinity
Volume, Height & Weight of Slug

Fluid Hydraulics

Flow Rate
Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)
Slip Velocity

Fluid Formulation 

Oil-Based Fluid formulation
Water-Based Fluid formulation

Formulas & Calculations

Break Circulation Pressure
Solids Control Equipment Evaluation

Pressure Calculations

Fracture Gradient
Kill Mud Weight
Equivalent Mud Weight
Leak-Off Test
Maximum Allowable SICP
Surge & Swab

Stuck Pipe & Spotting Fluids Calculations

Stuck Pipe Calculations
Calculations Required for Spotting Fluids

Volume Calculations

Pipe Volume
Wellbore Volume
Rectangular Tank Volumes
Cylindrical Tank Volumes (Horizontal, Vertical and Tapered)
Pump Output

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