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Solids Control & Waste Management

EMEC’s Solids Control and Waste Management Division can supply a comprehensive range of equipment to meet your every requirement. Whether you require a single item or a tailored package of equipment, all our products are sourced from leading international manufacturers, including Kem-tron Tecknologies Inc, which EMEC entered into a services agreement with in January 2011. 

EMEC solids control equipment ensures your drilled solids removal efficiency is optimized (which also enhances drilling fluids performance), whilst EMEC waste management equipment enables fluids to be recycled and waste disposal costs minimized – we supply everything from cuttings driers for improved recovery of drilling fluids, to dewatering units for recovering water or oil from drilling fluid waste at the rig site.

EMEC supplies complete Separation Equipment such as Shale Shakers, Hydrocyclones, Mud Cleaning, Centrifuges, Complete Mud Recycling and Mixing Systems, High Frequency Dewatering Screen, Dewatering Units ,Degassers  ,Mixing Equipments, Agitators, Centrifugal Pumps, Screens.

When it comes to solutions, where stringent environmental regulations apply for the disposal of drilled cuttings, EMEC provides a cuttings drying system at the rig site comprising a compact cuttings dryer system, which captures wet cuttings from shakers, recovers whole mud and reduces cuttings volume by almost 25%. This brings lower processing costs and significant fluid recovery volume; key factors in cost reduction.

EMEC’s own experienced and highly skilled staff work jointly with reputable third-party treatment companies to provide a complete Solids Control, Waste Management and Treatment Service.


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