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Quality Assurance and Quality Control

At ECC, quality is of the utmost importance. All our blending and manufacturing processes undergo comprehensive lab tests to ensure our intermediates and products meet the required specifications, so you can be sure they meet the highest standard.

Flash Point Tester

The Pensky–Martens Closed-Cup Flash Point Tester is used by ECC to test fuel oils and solids-liquids suspensios that tend to form a surface film under test conditions and when mixed with other liquids.

Flash point is used in shipping and safety regulations to define 'flammable' and 'combustible' materials. It is also applicable for the detection of contamination of relatively non-volatile or non-flammable materials with volatile or flammable materials.

Kinematic Viscosity

This instrument is used to measure kinematic viscosity of liquid chemicals and petroleum products.

Spectrum BX II FTIR Finger Print

The Spectrum BX II system uses the patented COMPARE algorithm, which is the industry-standard method for materials checking in quality assurance testing. It uses proven technology and design to ensure dependable results at all times.

It recognizes and accentuates the smallest spectral differences between a sample and a library of reference materials. Unique filters diminish any anomalies such as baseline variations or atmospheric absorption, to focus only on information that is relevant and unique to the sample.

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