Production Oil Field Chemicals, ECC Pour Point Depressant in Egypt
Production Oil Field Chemicals, ECC Pour Point Depressant in Egypt
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Pour Point Depressant (PPD)

Pour point depressants are designed to control wax crystal formation in paraffin and crude oil and reduce the temperature at which they are able to flow (their pour point).

ECC pour point depressants prevent wax deposition in pipes, which can significantly reduce pressure levels and adversely affect production. They are particularly useful for oils with a high wax content or pour point, and in low temperature environments.

Crude oil or condensate can contain heavy hydrocarbon molecules, which form a solid ‘wax’ phase under certain operating conditions. Wax becomes less soluble at lower temperatures. In a sub sea pipeline, for example, crude oil will gradually cool and at wax appearance temperature (WAT) or cloud point, the wax will become less soluble, increasing the solid phase content of the oil and causing wax deposition. If wax builds up on the pipe wall, the internal pipe diameter will decrease, increasing frictional pressure, restricting flow and effectively reducing pipeline capacity.

ECC PPDs allow you to maximize capacity and therefore productivity. They are comprised of surfactant-type chemical and aromatic solvent, which aids the solubility of paraffin waxes.

PPDs can be applied at low temperatures, even at temperatures below WAT. They are commonly applied in high doses during periodic slugs, or continuously at low concentrations.

Wax is label used to encompass a range of many difficult components. Generally petroleum waxes are high molecular weight paraffinic compounds with chain lengths in the range of C10 to C70+. Waxes of chain length > C40 are termed microcrystalline wax. Microcrystalline wax deposits are extremely tenacious and very difficult to remove by normal methods (hot-oil flushing, solvent washing, etc), which is why Pour Point Depressants are so important. 

Wax deposition problems can also be treated with wax dispersants and wax dissolvers.

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