Oil Field Production Chemicals, ECC Egyptian Oxygen Scavengers
Oil Field Production Chemicals, ECC Egyptian Oxygen Scavengers
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Oxygen Scavengers

ECC Oxygen Scavengers enhance the prevention of oxygen-induced corrosion when they react with dissolved oxygen. For example, sulfite (SO3-2) and bisulfite (HSO3-) ions combine with oxygen to form sulfate (SO4-2).

HSO3- + O2 → SO4-- + H2SO4

ECC Oxygen Scavengers react with oxygen present in source water, removing the risk to its integrity and potential to react with other ions in the system. So you can protect your pipelines while keeping oil and gas production running at the highest quality.

Oxygen corrosion, in oilfield metallurgy, is often caused by the addition of fluids that have been exposed to air from the surface. Oxygen can be introduced in significant quantities when large volumes of fluid are injected downhole. For example, in fracturing operations, saltwater disposal wells, formation squeezes or water flood operations. Symptoms that can occur in oxygen downhole are dark produced water, reddish or brown solids in produced water, excessive turbidity of produced water or flaky black or reddish deposits on metal surfaces. Oxygen Scavengers react rapidly and focus on improving oxygen associated corrosion, so these symptoms do not transpire.

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