Oil Field Production Chemicals, ECC Oil Spill Dispersants
Oil Field Production Chemicals, ECC Oil Spill Dispersants
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Oil Spill Dispersants


ECC Oil Spill Dispersants work effectively against your oil spillages to minimize the impact on the environment. The dispersants are a concentrated blend of anionic surfactants in an aqueous solution. Oil Spill Dispersants are capable of dissipating an oil spillage from the marine environment. They turn oil into small droplets which become easier for marine microorganisms to digest.

The dispersants contain both surface-active agents (surfactants) and solvent systems. Each surfactant molecule has a water-soluble ‘head’ group and an oil-soluble ‘tail’. Once these molecules have contact with an oil slick on the water they diffuse through the oil to the oil/water interface under the slick. Surfactants lower the oil/water interfacial tension; thus lowering the energy needed to mix oil into water. In turn this makes it easier for the oil to disperse into the water phase as discrete droplets. ECC Oil Spill Dispersants efficiently reduce the effects of oil spillages and contamination on shores.

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