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Research and Development

Research and development is very important at ECC. We want to make sure we always have the best products for you. Our experienced team is constantly looking for ways to help you make your operations more efficient and effective by providing the following services:

  • Supervision of the development of designated experimental trials, with the ability to design an effective series of experiments and validation of method development while maintaining close contact with the R&D Manager for discussion.
  • Supportive measures that indicate the success and performance of the developed formulation, process or procedure.
  • Review results from large quantities of experimental trials and give opinion for further proceeding.
  • Team leader for transfer of scale-up technology to pilot plant manufacturing site and quality control/quality assurance department.
  • Report to R&D Manager on the progress of work in the relevant field of different sections.
  • Supervise ongoing investigations concerning problems arising or refinments of a product, as well as activities in the formulation development laboratory.
  • Supervision of maintenance tasks on laboratory instruments and equipment, including working instructions manuals and records, logbooks, calibrations and preventive maintenance requirements, while reporting any inconsistencies or necessary requirements to the R&D Manager.
  • Provide training and instructive supervision to junior level subordinates.

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