Oil Field Production Chemicals, ECC Biocides
Oil Field Production Chemicals, ECC Biocides
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ECC biocides or bactericides control a wide range of bacteria in both aerobic and anaerobic environments (including sulphate reducers). They can be used in fresh water, sea water and low brines, and can help you to control the activity of bacteria in your systems.

ECC provide a wide range of biocide chemicals, but the main ones used for the treatment of bacteria in oil fields are:

Quat and amines.

Quaternary ammonium compound acts as an active surface detergent that increases the penetration of the cell membrane formed from water and minerals salt.

Aldehyde groups.

Aldehyde groups act as bactericides which kill bacteria growth by changing the DNA structure and stopping the action of bacteria. Aldehyde are not very good at penetrating bio-films, and are often blended with other chemicals such as quaternary ammonium compound to improve their penetration efficiency

Tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate (THPS)

THPS is a new class of anti-microbial agent which offers superior anti-microbial activity, controlling the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi, with minimum effects on the environment. THPS's benefits include low toxicity, low dosage and rapid breakdown in the environment.

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