Oil Field Production Chemicals, ECC Egyptian Asphaltene Dispersant
Oil Field Production Chemicals, ECC Egyptian Asphaltene Dispersant
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Asphaltene Dispersant

ECC Asphaltene dispersant reduces the precipitation of Asphaltenes from crude oil. It preserves asset integrity and reliability of subsea wells and flow lines; and maximizes production potential by preventing deposition/restriction in flow lines and tubular. It is also used on surface treating operations.

Asphaltene dispersant absorbs destabilized colloidal Asphaltene, which is solid and disperses it in to oil state. This prevents formation of organic deposits on pipe surfaces or safety equipment, optimizing performance, maintaining throughput and minimizing downtime.

Asphaltene inhibitors are actually dispersants. That is, they don’t prevent Asphaltene flocculation, but rather disperse the precipitated Asphaltene to prevent deposition or agglomeration. For optimal performance, Asphaltene inhibitors have to be injected upstream of the Asphaltene flocculation location.

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