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Liquid Waste

Liquid collection system

Prior to the start of operations, EMEC channels the mud system, mud pumps, rig area and generator areas.

All leakage from the drilling system, tanks and mud pumps is collected through the channels to the main collection tank. The tank is equipped with agitators, which keeps the collected liquid waste in a pumpable condition.

The collected liquid waste is then pumped to tanker trucks for transportation to the treatment area.

Equipment used for the dry location:

  1. High “G” Dryer 4 panel unit.
  2. Screw conveyors to move solids.
  3. Collection tanks to collect recovered mud and pump it back in to the system.
  4. Catch tanks to collect all liquid waste for movement to the waste area.
  5. Cuttings boxes to collect the solids waste
  6. Diaphragm pumps to move liquids

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