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EMEC's filtration equipment includes twin-pod cartridge filtration units (Duplex cartridge filter units) and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filter presses. The twin-pod cartridge filtration units are usually effective for most brine filtration activities and are available with a selection of filtration cartridges to meet brine cleanliness requirements. EMEC DE filter presses are available for preliminary filtration when the brine is too dirty for economical cartridge filtration. We also provide filtration engineers according to client requirements.

EMEC filtration units are supplied with all the consumables, hoses and associated equipment to ensure smooth filtration operations and remove solids that could compromise the success of the completion program. Stocks of diatomaceous earth filter medium are supplied with the DE filter presses, and commonly used filtration cartridges include 2, 5, 10 and 25 micron nominal and/or absolute sizes for the twin-pod cartridge filtration units. Oil absorption filter cartridges are also available for removing residual oil during final brine filtration activities.

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