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Well Data Prognosis

Program Features

EMEC Well Data Prognosis is a proprietary Oracle data base system for preparing drilling fluids programs, based on inputs and reference data. The program allows precise and accurate drilling fluids formulations for both water and oil based fluids. The program shares its database references and units system with the EWD Processor. This platform has the facility to export the drilling fluids program file executed in the office to the field engineer on a read only basis, where all the well information can be set as guidelines for the well site engineers. This intelligent system offers a warning whenever field data is out of the range specified in the mud program.   



EMEC’s program facilitates the design of any well section and includes: original hole intervals and unlimited number of sidetracks; lateral or multilateral sections; and different drilling fluid types. Scenarios can be applied for a single interval where the client can compare the cost of different fluid scenarios. This includes their technical limit, practical limit and the worst case scenario.

Via a user-friendly interface, EMEC’s program allows the design of each interval in relation to the following:

  • Total hole volume estimate for each interval based on given data, including well geometry, hole washouts and dilution factors.
  • Mixing criteria selection - The user can either calculate according to final barrel density formulations, the density of the base fluids or the products included in the mud formulation.
  • The impact of fluid maintenance on volume and cost/bbl
  • Fluid Management - mud received or transferred and its impact on total mud cost
  • A full analysis of data for each interval (in a tabulated display), including product name, base fluids & products concentration and product usage quantity; any additional & maintenance cost; final interval cost – cost/unit volume and cost/unit length.
  • The mud specs for each interval as minimum and maximum limits that are set as guidelines for the drilling fluids engineer at the well site.
  • Anticipated formation name, lithology, rock type, anticipated hole problems, hole interval top and bottom, casing design are all graphically represented in one digital image for a quick preview.

Once the drilling fluid program receives final approval, the well file is swiftly exported in a digital format to the well site drilling fluids engineer on a read-only basis, where it can be uploaded to the EMEC well data processer platform. As a result, all the well information can be displayed and the minimum and maximum mud specifications are set as guidelines with a warning system should any actual mud parameters deviate from the drilling fluids program.

Reports & Graphics

  • District Data Report
  • Anticipated Well Date Report
  • Drilling Fluids Summary Report
  • Estimated Total Material Consumption and Cost
  • Interval Volume and Cost Analysis
  • Mud Parameters Log
  • Proposed Days Vs (Cost, Depth, etc)

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