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Well Data Processor

Program Features

The EMEC Well Data Processor is a proprietary Oracle database reporting system for well site drilling fluids engineers. It handles all the requirements for daily operations related to drilling fluids.  The program includes a customized measuring unit system including: standard US API, metric, and user-defined unit systems, in addition to database references. All data is presented in user-friendly drop-down menus, which can be easily edited.

Integrated Intelligent System:

The program has an integrated intelligent system that will check data entry in real-time. The user can also initiate the intelligent system engine manually to check the data entered.


Based on data inputs, the program will design & calculate the following:

  • Pump output
  • Design well geometry and casing scheme
  • Calculate rheological properties.
  • Perform bit and mud hydraulics calculations based on the hydraulics model selected.
  • ECD management and fluids regime analysis.
  • Solids analysis calculations for oil-based and water-based fluids, as well as formate fluids.
  • Chemical volume and concentration calculations.
  • Hole volume and annular velocity calculations.
  • Mud products cost analysis and daily inventory.
  • Well Trajectory and deviation analysis.
  • Full Geological parameters for formations being drilled.

Based on the unit system selected, results are computed automatically as data is entered.

Reports, Graphics and Drilling Fluids Recap

Data Output: Reports

  • District Data Report
  • Well Data Synopsis Report
  • Daily Drilling Fluid Report
  • Daily Hydraulics Report
  • Daily Chemical Inventory & Additional Cost Report
  • Daily Operations Log
  • Well History Report
  • Daily Product Concentration Report
  • Current Concentration Report
  • Cost Summary Report
  • Inventory Summary Report
  • Bit Record Report
  • Deviation Summary Report
  • Lithology and Formation Tops Report
  • Custom Volumer and Time Distribution Report
  • Well Intervals Summary Report (incl. Product Concentrations)
  • Well Intervals Summary Report (incl. Product Usage and Cost)
Data Output: Graphs
  • Volume Analysis (Report Types 1 & 2)
  • Interval Cost Chart
  • Total Well Cost Chart
  • Time Distribution Chart
  • Mud Weight Vs Depth
  • Rheology Vs Depth
  • Days Vs Depth
  • Depth Vs Cost
  • Products Concentration Vs Depth
  • Hydraulic Graphs

At the end of each well, the drilling fluid engineer will only export the well file to the recap launcher module where the well final recap is processed automatically and can be sent to the client in any digital or hard copy format required by the client.

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