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Eco-friendly Fluid Systems

EMEC takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. When water-based systems are not appropriate, EMEC can provide an eco-friendly alternative to oil-based solutions. Tailored to reduce environmental impact, EMEC Green fluid systems biodegrade much faster and have lower toxicity, because they use esters and synthetic olefins as the base fluid, rather than mineral oils. Even some conventional water-based fluids contain products, which are undesirable in environmentally sensitive areas, so we always look for the opportunity to provide less harmful alternatives that offer similar technical performance, whenever we can.

EMEC’s product inventory includes an environmentally acceptable, biodegradable product that delivers effective inhibition for reactive shales; it provides an effective alternative to potassium chloride and reduces high concentrations of chlorides discharged to the environment. In 2003, EMEC was also the first fluids company to deploy formate drill-in fluids in the Middle East region for drilling slim-hole extended-reach and horizontal HPHT wells. The EMEC low-solids, inhibitive formate system is extremely popular with customers - not only because it produces higher ROPs while drilling horizontal wells at depths of 12,000 to 15,000 ft., but also because formation damage is minimal. What’s more, formate fluids biodegrade into harmless by-products within just a few weeks when they are discharged to the environment.


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