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Drilling fluid systems

EMEC formulates water-based, oil-based and synthetic-based drilling and drill-in fluid systems, designed to meet the specific wellbore challenges of our clients. Our drilling and drill-in systems are based on the following fluids:

  • Spud Mud
  • KCL Polymer Fluids
  • KCL Polymer Glycol Fluids
  • Saturated Salt Fluids
  • Sodium Silicate Fluids
  • Mixed Metal Hydroxide Fluids
  • Perm Drill Drill-In Fluids
  • Ultra Low Invasion Fluids
  • Formate Fluids
  • Mineral Oil-Based Fluids
  • Synthetic Oil-Based Fluids
  • Ester-Based Fluids

Many clients are keen to eliminate the HSE issues and waste management costs associated with oil-based fluid systems by using water-based fluid systems instead. This has not always been possible in the past, especially when drilling highly reactive shale sections. So, because we share our clients' HSE concerns, we have spent considerable time and effort in successfully resolving the problem. Our water-based Ultra Low Invasion Fluid (ULIF) has been particularly successful in minimizing filtrate invasion, resulting in effective wellbore stability, wellbore strengthening and drilling performance.

We are proud that following detailed analysis of clients' shale samples, we were able to design a water-based ULIF system formulation that was rated 'first for technical excellence' at the BP Research Centre at Sunbury in England, ahead of other major international mud companies. The water-based ULIF system has provided good drilling performance and trouble-free drilling through shale formations, with ROPs within programmed targets. The system has also proven to be non-damaging, often giving flow enhancement with negative skin factors.

EMEC was also the first mud company to introduce low solids formate drill-in fluids in the Middle East Region in 2003 when we proposed and designed a high density, low solids Potassium Formate system for drilling slim, horizontal, extended-reach multilateral HPHT deep gas wells. The system has provided enhanced drilling performance by successfully eliminating frictional problems associated with conventional high solids drilling fluids, and continues to be used for drilling horizontal reservoir sections through carbonates, unstable shales and abrasive sandstone. The low solids system has resulted in minimal formation damage and the client continues to benefit from increased production.

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