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Completion Additives

EMEC supplies all the additives required for addressing specific completion fluid requirement, including surfactants and solvents for cleaning the wellbore when performing displacements from drilling fluid to completion fluid:

Viscosifiers – EMEC's range of viscosifying products for use in pill and spacer formulations during completion operations are acid-soluble, which helps to minimize reservoir formation damage.

Alkalinity Control – EMEC's range of products for controlling fluid alkalinity includes sodium, calcium and potassium hydroxide, supplemented by alkaline buffers that provide a greater degree of pH control when acidic reservoir fluids are present in the wellbore.

Filtration Control Additives – EMEC's range of filtration control products for use in completion operations are acid-soluble, which helps to minimize reservoir formation damage.

Defoamers – EMEC's range of defoamers work by reducing the surface tension of fluids to control foaming, which sometimes occurs in concentrated brine systems as a result of mechanical agitation while circulating.

Biocides, Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors – EMEC's range of products are designed to minimize corrosion under hostile reservoir conditions, and include oxygen and H2S scavengers. They control the various mechanisms responsible for corrosion by preventing bacterial growth, by scavenging dissolved oxygen and acidic formation gases, and by forming a protective film on exposed tubular surfaces.

Solvents and Surfactants – EMEC's range of solvents and surfactants are designed for cleaning the wellbore when displacing the well from drilling fluid to completion brine. The solvents remove organic deposits, pipe dope and grease from tubular surfaces, and the surfactants leave the surfaces clean and water-wet for completion operations.

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