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CFD Visualization System

Due to the hydraulic nature of the drilling process, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is widely used as a numerical technique in solving mathematical models. CFD provides an excellent means for solving and visualizing fluid dynamic problems.


EMEC CFD Visualization is a proprietary system, which computes a wide variety of parameters as well as the complex geometry of the problem. These are the principle challenges of any modeling system. As Drilling is a highly sophisticated physical process the physical model is represented as a mathematical model, which can then be solved using numerical methods.

The EMEC CFD Visualization system is based on CFD techniques to visually present behavior of the mud inside the drill string and the wellbore annulus. It builds a complete and accurate mesh of the geometry required to solve for any point on this mesh. Managing the density of this mesh allows the user to control the accuracy of the results as well as the calculation time required.

EMEC CFD Visualization Tools make it easy to calculate and provide an exact mud velocity profile for the wellbore cross section instead of dealing with one average velocity for the whole cross section.  This enhances considerably the ability to study cuttings transportation more accurately.  The velocity, pressure, viscosity and flow lines of the mud inside the wellbore are examples of parameters that can be displayed using EMEC CFD visualization tools. 

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