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Whether you are working toward maximizing barite recovery or looking to get the most out of your “zero-discharge” system, EMEC proven by us decanting centrifuges are a perfect choice. Centrifuges can be found each centrifuge package is customized to meet your specific needs.

Drive Options:

Depending on your budget and performance needs, drive systems can be provided with Mechanical Variable Control or Variable Frequency Control. Mechanical Variable Control drives are less expensive and easier to maintain, in comparison to Variable Frequency Control drives. Alternatively, Variable Frequency Controlled centrifuges allow the operator to change the centrifuge from a “barite recovery” to “ultra-fine solids removal” system with the flip of a switch. Regardless of the option, EMEC has the needed experience to help engineer the best configuration for your application. To provide further control and performance, EMEC can fit each of its centrifuges with a back-drive to ensure the greatest control and solid/ liquid separation efficiency. A back drive provides conveyor torque speed and sediment height control, and is less likely to generate a secondary flow.

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