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The need for a more efficient impeller becomes apparent as electrical and maintenance costs continue to climb. Hence, the evolution of the Hydrofoil Agitator- using an aerodynamic design approach it maximizes lift and minimizes drag. This results in a significantly more efficient and power conscious impeller.


  • Low Horsepower                                              
  • Better Turnover Ratio
  • Lower Maintenance


Agitators are sized for your specific application and mud tank dimensions.

  • The Hydrofoil impeller’s advantage is its flow efficiency.
  • Hydrofoil impellers also inherently provide mechanical design advantages:
  • Smaller diameters and shorter shafts can often be used since they produce pure axial flow and can provide good bottom mixing.
  • Less side force, lower bending moments, and corresponding longer life for gear reducers and shaft seals can be realized due to lack of radial flow components.
  • At equal flow, the Hydrofoil impeller allows a sizable decrease in torque (up to 50%). This results in increased gear reducer life and often smaller gear reducers, which reflect in a direct cost savings.

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