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EMEC is acknowledged by international operators for its technology, knowledge, expertise and products for successful well constructions. EMEC supplies a wide range of products and rig site engineering services for conventional water-based and oil-based drilling fluids. And we provide low invasion reservoir drill-in fluids and low-solids formate-based systems that are effective in minimizing formation damage while drilling reservoir sections. We have a reputation for providing everything required for meeting the drilling fluids requirements of our clients:

  • Drilling Products and Systems
  • Completion
  • Solids Control Equipment
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Waste Management
  • Liquid Mud Plants
  • Pressurized Mud Labs
  • Bulk Storage Plants
  • Technical 
  • Simulation 

At EMEC, we recognize that clients want choice so we focus exclusively on providing drilling fluids and products. Therefore, when clients buy from us they do so without having to commit to any associated products or services, which can be sourced instead from best-in-class specialist providers.

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