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EMEC Builds a New L.M.P in North Kuwait

September 2016

EMEC builds & operates a 20,000 BBLS L.M.P & bulk storage facility for Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC)

EMEC has years of experience in designing, installing and operating Liquid Mud Plants & Bulk Storage facilities throughout the middle east region.

To date we have built over 25 LMPs in the region and recently we finished the installation of our latest LMP for KOC in north of Kuwait.

The Plant is of a total capacity 20,000 bbl. furnished with high end, up to date equipment including an advanced Bulk Storage system and a fleet of Bulk trailers.



EMEC new North Kuwait LMP Smart Design includes:

- OBM Storage Tanks of capacity 20,000 bbls
- Mixing Tank of 500 bbls capacity composed of two compartments
- Diesel Storage Tanks of capacity 3,000 bbls
- Brine & Water tanks of capacity 1,500 bbls.
- Bulk System 9,100 cu.ft , Surge tank 100 cu.ft,
- Dust collector 100 cu.ft Bulk trailer 1200 cu.ft.


 “We Design SMART, Effective & Efficient”


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Our SMART design provide a full array of scalable fluids storage, mixing equipment and bulk facilities to meet all remote operational requirements while eliminating the unessary cost of storage and inventory accumilation for our clients. 

We have an extensive network of facilities and equipment to support the operational requirements of our clients at the rig site. EMEC succeeded to built a fully equipped Liquid Plant and Bulk Storage facility North Kuwait for Kuwait Oil Operations Co. 20 days ahead of schedule. 



  • All The necessary organization and resources to comply with the QAQC 
  • Standardds has been provided. 
  • Responsibilities were clearly described, communicated and understood. 
  • All Staff were developed following structured competency assessment & training 


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