EMEC health and safety in all operations
Environmental practices at EMEC, Middle East

HSE Management System

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) providers services and leadership in the areas of medical surveillance and environmental monitoring, the treatment of occupational illness and injuries, fire safety, chemical safety, laboratory safety, facility and equipment safety and employee safety training programs.

Our goal is to deliver critical support to ensure EMEC provides a safe and healthy working environment.

Improve HSE as a major part of EMEC continuous improvement, HSE commitment has responsibility for promoting the health and safety of EMEC through effective occupational and environmental management practices.

EMEC mission

EMEC is striving towards being a leader in Health, Safety and Environmental performanceOur goal is zero accidents, zero injuries and zero environmental non-conformances.

EMEC vision

EMEC will be the company providing drilling fluids services and solutions with an added value, anticipating and exceeding the needs of the clients and partners.

HSE policies

EMEC is striving towards being a leader in Health, Safety and Environmental performance and is committed to integrating HSE excellence into all our activities. The safety of our employees, contractors and visitors as well as the safety of our customers and fellow contractors are a core commitment.

EMEC will meet or exceed all regulatory requirements in all our operational areas. We will integrate our customers’ objectives into site specific plans and ensure efficient communication procedures are in place. EMEC will ensure all operations are planned and executed in accordance with industry standards, applicable regulations and customer’s HSE policy and procedures. Any emergency situations or unforeseen incidents arising from our operations or actions will receive immediate management attention and urgent responses.

Safety policy

Health policy

Environmental policy

Drugs & Alcohol policy

EMEC Strategic HSE Objectives

EMEC has pursued a number of HSE objectives for a considerable time. These are now as follows:

  1. Health & Safety: No harm to people, whether they abe employees, contractors or third parties
  2. Environment: Strive towards ultimate eliminatiion of emmissions or unacceptable disposal methods
  3. Resources: Optimize use of resources - land, energy and raw material
Objectives can only be met if they are SMART:
  • S
  • M
  • A
  • R
  • T

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